• Vikas Phatak

    Vikas Phatak

  • Devesh


    Software Developer. AI enthusiast. Toastmaster. Blogger. Perpetually Curious. Makes fun of everything.

  • Bekhzod Nazarov

    Bekhzod Nazarov

    Dad and former systems programmer turned lawyer. Passionate about technology, finance and investing.

  • Alberto Marinas

    Alberto Marinas

    Founder at PadBlock.com

  • Robyn Katzman

    Robyn Katzman

  • Judy Campf

    Judy Campf

    Judy, a VP of Curriculum & Professional Learning, is a passionate results-oriented educational professional with extensive understanding of learning pedagogy.

  • Александр Костюкович

    Александр Костюкович

  • Adam J. Arling

    Adam J. Arling

    Senior Front-End Developer/Manager — Northwestern University Libraries Repository and Digital Curation

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