The challenge is to understand when is hierarchy appropriate and when is it not. Yes! One observation I did not mention is that many or most people in their 20s want massive systemic change due to their position on the hierarchy. They are at the bottom, so their adapted perspective tells them “screw this, it’s worthless.” As some get rewarded and gain access to superior resources, they become emotionally ready to see the benefits of the hierarchy (sometimes at the expense of their lost ability to see its flaws). Neither side is “right” always, but those who harp on the perils of hierarchy are empirically wrong most of the time. But most is not all, and I would estimate 10–20% of the time they’re “right,” (sort of the success rate of a startup). Interestingly enough many of the attitudes towards centralization and control that blockchain folks have shown actually seem a little Marxist in orientation, which appears paradoxical until you realize that the blockchain folks likely share a good deal of commonality with their political opposites, ANTIFA. They both skew young and frustrated. Why I appreciate the blockchain perspective is it’s constructionist. “Let’s build something better,” rather than deconstructionist. “This sucks, let’s stop it’s progress and tear it down.”

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